Posted 3 weeks ago


a rolling thunder 

brings gentle wind 

that faintest breeze 

with a twinge of fall 

a rustling sound 

as birds will caw 

and through it all 

a rising moon

together again 

these days and I 

Posted 2 months ago

My girl friend is the bomb diggity.

Posted 4 months ago

She holds the key
To the whole in my heart
She who is a healer
Filling me with love
She who is a destroyer
Tearing me apart

Posted 4 months ago

Pain swells
A storm in my heart
Cold sea
A shiprwrecked man

Posted 4 months ago

I live to serve and serve to please

If I say no then I have failed my purpose

I am worth nothing

Disappointment my crutch

Crippled to its harshness

Its dark fingers

Drinking my blood

Tearing my heart

I wish to scream

Scream in pain

But it holds my throat

It tears at my eyes

Drains me

Uses me

Abuses me

A vicious cycle

From years of the same

I have no right to be treated this was

Posted 4 months ago

Unsettled from a sleepless night

Wet like dew on a furrowed brow

A sweet stain to remember

Touching the sheets to live 

Posted 4 months ago

Just because you feel it
Doesn’t make it real
A show of colors
A shot to kill

In the mothers shadow
A breath is lost
Cracking panes
From winters frost

In the eyes of empathy
We hear our words
Walking shoes
Making pavement heard

From a lifeless kiss
We lose all hope
Eulogy passed
A tragic show

Posted 5 months ago

I saw him there with eyes of blue
Smiling, giggling, laughing at the sun
Hair of gold and shirt to match
Pulling, leading, running through the grass
I cried for him then I cried for me
Tears fell like rain on a cloudless day
For the loss of this world, for his days ahead
The ground would fall from under his plump toes
His sky would darken, his dreams would be only memories of days like these
I cried because I knew that he would inevitably become me

Posted 5 months ago

buried treasure in my bed

I sleep to dream 

but wake instead

for my dream 

shares a pillow

by my head

Posted 5 months ago

I jog at night

running from fear

running from her

the best thing

I’ve ever had

Posted 5 months ago

lapdog for a black cat 

lost girl in a summer dress

flowing softly 

sweetest breeze 

captures me 

Posted 5 months ago

Houston has a problem

Lost and alone in a city-scape

skies being scraped by oblong dreams

productive and proud 

tired and strung out

drinks on a monday

drinks on tuesday

same time next week

old friends meet again 

escaping work 

running from home

Posted 7 months ago

tragic plays well without others

so I find myself alone

searching for scars to mark

only finding burns that heal

swallow it again

a tortuous pill

Posted 7 months ago

caged snake with poison fangs

away from me is his resting place

pleads for mercy but gives only pain

to be alone in this world is too good for you

Posted 7 months ago

I need no hero 

but a heroine

someone to bring ease

to my world’s end

I leave my heart 

on this page

If I bleed ink

Is it still a sin?