Posted 1 month ago

tragic plays well without others

so I find myself alone

searching for scars to mark

only finding burns that heal

swallow it again

a tortuous pill

Posted 1 month ago

caged snake with poison fangs

away from me is his resting place

pleads for mercy but gives only pain

to be alone in this world is too good for you

Posted 1 month ago

I need no hero 

but a heroine

someone to bring ease

to my world’s end

I leave my heart 

on this page

If I bleed ink

Is it still a sin?

Posted 1 month ago

don’t act concerned

I bleed for her 

she screams at me

awash in a place

with no sanity

deserted island

best deserved

clawed to the top

to watch my life burn

Posted 1 month ago

sun washed, ink stained

a page to soak the pain

lost words, second best

no heart in my wounded chest

Posted 1 month ago

Sleep eludes me when she’s gone
For I cannot sleep without my dream

Posted 1 month ago

She moves just as a petal does
Lost and whimsical on a breeze
Feather soft in her touch,
Her lips as sweet as honey

I close my eyes and find her there
A warming sun with golden rays
As refreshing as an April shower
As beautiful as the blooms of May

Posted 1 month ago

Darkness engulfs
Tears stream
Tearing heart
Shallow screams

Posted 1 month ago

Drowning in this
A place of bliss
Clambering to
The one I miss

Posted 1 month ago

A falling sun
Or rising moon
Feels no worry
Tastes no fear

Posted 1 month ago

Caught between the shades of life
Foul stench and rotten dreams
Remnants from darker days

Posted 1 month ago


Seth Rogen Opening Statement (C-SPAN) (by C-SPAN)

Posted 2 months ago

Broken by age
Is a boy with no words
A Crying child
Afraid to be heard

Posted 2 months ago

And when I hold you
Staring deep
All those fears I’d
Wished to keep
Quickly melt and fade away
To get lost in some
Forgotten place

Posted 2 months ago

Magic passes over our silent tongues
Preaching love with each gentle touch
Tender smile under a twitching nose
Hands clasped tight drifting in slumber